Live chat at SheWrites went well today.  A disappointing development was when I tried scrolling ‘up,’ to collect the hints about forming a critique group, and found that the chat had cut off after the critique portion.  It looks as if the chat function only retains so many entries.

Some chat members helped reconstruct most of the suggestions, but one recommendation, concerning a blog/website that had good advice, was lost.

The parts we collectively remembered were:

Critique group outline

  • application to join group
  • trial period for new members
  • no talking by person being critiqued
  • page limit or time limit for each person
  • novelists come early to read excerpts
  • submit work ahead of time for group members to read
  • ground rules for group
  • 4 – 5 ideal size of group — ask misfits to leave/or disband group and reform later

I think, though, that the “application” requirement might be a bit premature for a group that is just forming.

In today’s live chat at SheWrites, the useful tip o’ the day (for me) was not to edit and rewrite during the first draft.  The logic behind the tip is that since the writer will be editing and cutting during subsequent rewrites, there isn’t much sense in polishing passages that may wind up in the virtual wastebasket.

The flip side to this (because there always seems to be a flip side), is that if, after the completion of the first draft, a basic change must be made at the beginning of the manuscript, then the writer might need to make many adjustments throughout the rest of the first draft, and possibly even write a new draft.

I have hopes that using the “Snowflake Method” will allow me to work out most of the bugs before the first draft is typed.

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