The Left Coast Crime convention at the La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, wraps up tomorrow, and magazines and bloggers tell us all about it.

  • Convention attracts lovers of mystery writing to La Fonda, Santa Fe New Mexican
    Down below, patrons moved through he book room, where Canadian dealer Donald Longmuir explained the popularity of the genre. “Murder mysteries have changed a bit over the years,” he said. “Now it’s like a window into a person’s life. The actual murder mystery can be secondary to following the lead character’s life.”
  • Dorothy B. Hughes: Ghost of Honor, Sisters in Crime
    This year, one of Left Coast Crime’s Ghosts of Honor is Dorothy B. Hughes, one of my favorite authors. … Of course, she is best known for In A Lonely Place, a masterpiece that is overlooked too often. It covers the anxiety and darkness of the men who have been taught to kill in World War II and who must return home to fit into a society that no longer appreciates that skill.
  • Left Coast Crime – Friday, Lesa’s Book Critiques
    This blog post has pictures.
  • Clues Sisters has continuing commentary.
  • The Big Chile Facebook page for LCC

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