• Berlin Brigade, website of Reinhard von Bronewski, a Berlin policeman who worked with the American MPs in Berlin


  •, an online provider of groceries and home care items.

The Rhön

  • A “home movie” of views of Wildflecken from Kreuzberg, and crowd scenes from the visitors to the Kreuzberg monastery.
  • Kreuzberg Monastery in the Rhön Mountains.   The Rhön area ranges over parts of the German states of Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia.

Seasonal Sensations

Fasching/Fastnacht/Karneval — “German Mardi Gras”

  • 2011 Fastnacht in Hessen2012 Fastnacht in Hessen  (parties in Hesse)
    Comedians Gabriele Meyer and Jörg Zick as Brigitte and Herbert, a married couple, “The Schwerdtfegers.”  It’s all in German (and R-rated) but the cultural enjoyment I derive is seeing the crowd — look at those costumes.  When German people party, they don’t stint on the ‘trimmings.’  Local associations organize these parties during the Fasching season which fills up the calendar between Christmas and Lent (the announcers in the fancy costumes would be members or the associations).

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