It’s been awhile since I read one of the Inspector Ghote books, but I immediately recognized the name H.R.F. Keating in the ‘famous obituaries’ column  in this morning’s newspaper.  In looking at Mr. Keating’s online obituaries, I’m pleased to see that even without a guide in any of the books as to how the inspector’s name sounds — very pre-Internet with no idea of Google searches — I pronounced it correctly in my mind.

Inspector Ghote is a police officer in Bombay, India.  I know the proper name of the city is Mumbai, but in the books, Inspector Ghote lived in Bombay, and since I’ve read these books from a young age (the first book dates from 1964), Bombay is the name in my mind.

Mr. Keating wrote another series of books featuring Harriet Martens, a character I haven’t yet met, and I look forward to reading about her after my next trip to our local mystery bookstore.