Around 9AM, I had a nice walk around the neighborhood.  A light breeze carried the scent of honeysuckle and cedar, I caught a whiff of paint as someone spruced up their house, and the smell of freshly mown grass was everywhere.  Hot rubber tire odor crept out from under a pickup while the metal of the engine ticked as it cooled — someone had just come to visit?  A barking Min-Pin fenced in a nearby yard made sure I kept moving along. The neighborhood was a good place to be this morning.

By late afternoon, all that changed.  A full-cloud flash of lightning hurried us into the house faster than we normally went as we called, “See you later, alligator,” to our youngest grandson strapped in his carseat.  He yelled back, “Goodbye, alligator!”  Then the rains came, and are still coming down.  A little while ago I stepped outside to see if the storm had brought any cool air, but had my breath taken away by the humidity. All the humid metaphors apply to the outdoors this evening:  Turkish steam bath, rain forest, soupy air …

This picture doesn’t show fog-in-the-air, it shows condensation-on-the-lens.  The cooler lens of the camera was fogged beyond useful pictures by the moisture in the air.  By the way, the picture is of a geranium in a planter.

I hope this steam dissipates by the time I go out for my walk tomorrow morning.