A blog for EQMM!  Something Is Going to Happen

In years past, my routine fix of EQMM arrived (eventually) in the mail via the Army APO system.  Those of us who spent many years overseas were resigned to all of the American magazines to which we subscribed appearing in our boxes at the mailroom long past the same magazine’s arrival in the Stars & Stripes bookstore.  Periodicals in the U.S. are not priority mail and are sent to overseas subscribers in bulk.  Those shipments can sit for a while, depending on the available transport space.  Still, those of us who subscribed to magazines kept our subscriptions in order to receive all of the issues (or at least most of them) and not just the ones we happened on when we visited the bookstore.

Fast-forward a few decades and now all we have to do for a quick fix is click a link.  Ain’t technology (usually) grand!

Hat tip for the information to Terrie M. at Women of Mystery.