In 1952, my parents rented a television so we could watch the BBC coverage of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II from our London-suburb home in North Harrow. Sixty years later, I’m sitting here in my home near Kansas City watching  on a laptop the BBC’s live-streaming of the river pageant portion of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. Amazing.

I don’t have any momentous observations, or ‘closing of circles’ comments. I’m merely gaping a bit at the sixty years (!!) and the simultaneity of me watching and blogging.

I’d blog something more, but I keep watching the live-streaming (10am, Central American time, 3 June,  if you’re reading here)

I do miss not being able to go down to Tower Bridge to watch, but I’ll just make do with another cup of tea — English breakfast tea, with milk of course.


Update:  Make that 59 years.  Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne sixty years ago on the death of her father, George VI, but the coronation was held the next year (and that’s when my parents rented the television set).   May you pardon the slightly inaccurate memories of a young child.