NBC recently cancelled Harry’s Law.  Why did the network do this?  Was it because the show was unpopular?  Did it have no sponsors?  Had its writers run out of steam and couldn’t come up with another reason for Tommy Jefferson to toot his own horn? Could they find no case on which Cassie could practice her passionate reasoning?  Were there no pretty girls for Adam to desire?

No.  NBC cancelled the show because the audience is too old.

Harry’s Law: Stars and NBC Chair on Cancellation

NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said, “It was a difficult decision. Everyone here respects Harry’s Law a lot but we were finding it hard to grow the audience for it. Its audience skewed very old. It’s hard to monetize that.”

Very old?  Ouch.  Rub that salt in.


Harry’s Law’s old fans have decided that if NBC wants to make them unhappy, the fans might show NBC the depth of their old feelings, all the way down to the old ground.

Harry’s Law protest: Save Our Soles

“Harry’s Law” fans are being asked to send a pair of shoes to NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt Thursday to protest his decision last month to cancel the drama.


It may be too late for the protest to convince the people at NBC, the people who ration out programs that keep us in our seats until the commercials drive onto the screen, that old people have money to spend, too, but I don’t think the move endeared the network to the audience of legal-beagle-drama fogeys.

Is it too much to hope that CBS will develop a quality world for Ms. Bates to charm us from?