We’re off for a short adventure from one side of the state to the other.  Yesterday morning we were west of the Mississippi, by supper we were east of the Mississippi.

After sitting all day, the grandkids were full of energy — I think they leached it from Poppa and me.  To burn it off, I ‘gave in’ to the pleas to go swimming.  I’d have joined them in the pool, but when I searched for my bathing suit while packing the suitcase, I couldn’t find it.  How does someone lose a bathing suit from a drawer?

Because of the lack of a suit, I played lifeguard from the side of the pool, prepared, at any moment, to fling caution to the winds and leap into four feet of water to pluck floundering children from the water.  I’m happy to say that me getting wet was never necessary.

But that doesn’t mean that me getting wet didn’t happen.

Today we’re off to see relatives and museum.   It might not be life in the fast lane, but, so far, it’s not life in the parking lot.