Heat, heat, go away.

Let the rain come back to play.

I understand the people in Arizona and Texas routinely tolerate this kind of heat in the summer, but this isn’t the Southwest.  This is the temperate part of the western Midwest — see the trees in the background?  (they still look green, but they’re already losing leaves and I’ve seen dead trees among the stands of woods along the roadways)  The beige on the lower edge of the photo is the parched grass shaded from the midday sun by a pretty tall oak.

Please consider this post an official complaint to The Management — wherever that Management resides.  The humans may be deserving of divine wrath, but our trees didn’t do anything to anyone (other than the sweet gums planted in the wrong places and are ruining sidewalks, but they didn’t plant themselves).

Management, spare the trees.  Consider the wildlife.  Have mercy on the livestock.