This Friday is my youngest grandson’s sixth birthday. It will be his best birthday yet, at least according to him, because it will be 13 December! Of course, all his other birthdays have been on the 13th of December, but at the end of this week, it will REALLY BE 13 DECEMBER!

He’s jazzed about Friday as only a six-year-old can be about his birthday.

For his present I’ve bought a few toys, of course. No child’s birthday is complete without toys. The present he probably won’t be expecting is a story, a birthday-adventure story about himself featuring his favorite color (blue), his favorite outdoor game (disc golf), with the story set in his favorite place (Wuhu Island from the Wii Sports Resort game).

In addition to all that, the illustrations are by his 10-year old cousin. I printed out a draft of the story that she read, and then she drew six pictures from the story in one of her sketch books.

2013 12 Dec 08 Drawing for Ems's book 01

In this part of the story, my grandson is working at the Swordplay Colosseum on Wuhu Island. The swordplay game is one of his favorites.

In order to get my granddaughter’s pictures to me, and because our schedules are busy, her mom left the sketch book outside their front door in a Ziploc® bag, and her Poppa swung by to pick it up. I scanned the pictures and saved them to my hard drive so that I can print the pages on photo paper. I’ll mount them back-to-back with spray glue to make strong pages, and then bind them into a book with comb-binding, just like my dad used to do for our family photo albums. It will be a production, but I think the little guy will be pleased with the book.

My grandson reads, but he doesn’t read his grandmama’s blog, so this will still be a surprise, as his birthday is in the story.  Just know that on Friday his cousins and I will be wishing him a very happy birthday.




My grandson is thrilled with the story — he can’t believe how many people he knows in the story.