I’m missing Germany again.  Not only did a former neighbor and Facebook friend upload photos of her recent trip to Munich, but I “found” poison ivy in the backyard.  I thought we’d eliminated the plant from the yard last year, but I was wrong.  The poison ivy merely moved from snuggling under the peonies to crouching in the sedum, violets and daylilies under the crabapple.

In our decades in Europe, and while either wandering through the Continental woodlands or Volksmarching, I never once had an allergic reaction to plants.  Not once.  Here in the U.S., it’s a yearly occurrence, despite my vigilance.  Nettles grow in Europe, but they “merely” sting for a while.  They don’t produce this weeks-long weeping rash of hard bumps that, between showers, collect bits of calamine lotion between them because you can’t really scrub the area because it not only itches, it hurts.  Ugh. Ick. Gross.

In looking for any benefit from this yearly happening, I guess it could mean that I shouldn’t weed the parts of the garden with taller plants.  I suppose that could be an up-side to this allergy since no one in the household seems affected but me.  Now to convince the rest of them that I’m “special”  — and get them to care about weeds.

I realized that WordPress had done some program-tweaking in the time since I last posted — needing to search around the screen for what I was looking for was a giveaway.  However, changing the function of something as basic as adding a new entry without incorporating a warning advisory that, HEY, WE CHANGED SOMETHING REALLY BASIC, is just careless.

Apparently in this new and improved program, after one adds a new post, and manages to get back to the “add new post” screen, if one doesn’t click “Add New” in the left-hand navigation bar, one merely replaces what one has already uploaded, in this case the link to How to Write a Cozy Mystery at Get It Write.  Luckily, no cats or children were harmed in the replacing of the blog post, but I can assure you you’re not reading the words of a cheerful Charlie right now.

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