A few weeks ago, a (seemingly) short-lived meme circulated on Facebook: book covers. The instructions were to share seven book covers without explanation, rating, or reviewing the contents — sort of Pinterest meme.

I played along, but then thought about the number of books I have. It seemed that I could get more mileage out of the meme — and dust behind many of the books — by using the book cover idea to jump-start the blogging (again) during this bleak season.

So, without further ado, the first in the blogged book cover series.  <insert happy face>




(my goodness, but that came out large!)

I was just reading an update from another blog in which the author mentions one of his long-time series characters.  I read the character’s name but what popped into my mind wasn’t a character but the face of a pug.  The character’s name reminded me too much of the so-stupid-it’s-funny “ermahgerd” meme.

“Ermahgerd” (oh my god) recently popped up on the LOLcats site, and then spread.  I don’t think it’s got quite the “legs” of most LOLcat-speak such as “can haz” or “teh internets,” but it made enough of an impression so that when I saw a long word beginning with E and having the same number of syllables as ermahgerd, my brain skipped from book-character to silly-pug-face.  I thought my guilty LOLcat addiction was under control.

I suppose it’s a lesson in being careful what you let into your brain.  Eradicating silly memes is as hard as getting rid of poison ivy.